Nebraska's recent safe haven law was intended to allow parents to anonymously leave infants at a hospital without being prosecuted. The idea was to protect infants. But so far not one infant has been dropped off, and of the 34 children dropped off all but six were over the age of ten. Lawmakers are scrambling to redo the law with a 30 day age limit attached and are imploring parents not to dump their teens in Nebraska. Read the full story here.

How do you react to this situation?

I personally am appalled that a parent would abandon a child, but understand that perhaps that could be the best thing for the kid in the long run. My question is, what resources do these families have to deal with their struggles? Are there any good options available to help them work through whatever they are facing? Is this a discipline issue, an economic issue, a self-centeredness issue, a total lack of support issue? Where truly can struggling parents turn that works with them without simply condemning them for wanting to abandon their kids or for having sex and a kid in the first place? What is the role of the church in these situations?


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