There is a lively discussion on he topic of Christians and Public Education over at Jesus Creed. I wanted to point it out for the interested.


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At May 9, 2008 at 8:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

it is all well and good to "go into the world' but throwing small children in as fodder is a very bad idea. I am all for adult mature Christians who feel called to teach in public schools to follow that calling. However, to expect a small child or even a teen at that impressionable age to be able to resist the desire to fit in with one's friends and not give in to peer pressure so as to avoid being tormented seems like cruelty or even emotional abuse on the part of the parents. It is sacrificing your child for the sake of your "ideals'. There are parts of the country where the public schools are still OK. I am from MA and I can assure you no child of mine would be attending a school where they have assemblies to let kindergarteners know how "wonderful" it is that some classmates mommy just became a daddy (true story in Brookline MA) my first responsibility is to my kids. If I fail them then really what does it matter if I save the world