As a parent - and a theologian - I’m always on the lookout for good children’s books, and good books about children … and good books in general. I’ve recently become aware of Graced Vulnerability: A Theology of Childhood by David H. Jensen. While I await my own copy to arrive, here’s a review of the book that I read:

'Taking seriously children qua children, Jensen issues a clarion call for Christians—theologians and others alike—to do the same. Tracing their place in the tradition, he notes the comparatively little attention afforded to children in theology and church. Cast as corrupt bearers of original sin, as those whose wills require breaking and reshaping, or as less than fully human entities on their way to personhood, children have been depicted and treated in ways that fall short of ancient Jewish and Jesus’ own norms and practices. A few voices have dissented, though at a comparative murmur and without providing adequate alternatives. Children remain largely devalued, even as church and society fail to counter their widespread abuse (local to global) amid war, poverty, disease, hunger, abusive sexual and labor practices, domestic violence, and crime. Jensen’s alternative “theology of childhood” draws on “the covenantal framework of children as full members in the household of God and the whisper of an ethic of care implicit in the gospel narratives of Jesus with children.” This theology calls Christians to become vulnerable with children as they attend to them, care for them in ways the tradition at its best has embraced, and enhance children’s lives as they are changed themselves to become like children. The means are the church’s distinct “practices of vulnerability”: peacemaking, baptism, sanctuary, and prayer. Crafting an original, rich, impassioned, keenly argued yet accessible book, Jensen has graced child and adult alike. His is constructive and practical theology at its best!' - Allan Hugh Cole, Jr.

Sounds great. I’m looking forward to reading it. Gems will be shared. I’d be keen to hear comments from others who have already read, or are reading, this book.


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At April 23, 2008 at 8:01 PM, Anonymous Dave Csinos

There is a growing body of literature (especially in the field of practical theology) focused on issues of childhood that would be very helpful in emerging conversations. David Jensen's book is one of them! If you like "Graced Vulnerability," look into some of the following books:

"Welcoming Children" by Joyce Ann Mercer. Joyce is speaking from the position of a Presbyterian and a Feminist. This is an excellent book for those interested in issues of children and justice.

"Will Our Children Have Faith?" by John Westerhoff III. A classic!

"Seeing Children, Seeing God" and "Child Poverty," both by Pamela Couture.

"In the Midst of Chaos" and "Let the Children Come," by Bonnie Miller-McLemore. Another great Feminist theologian that focuses on issues of childhood and justice.

"Children and Our Global Future" by Kristen Herzog. This book focuses on issues of justice with children around the world.